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Chatter Creek 2007

Once again, Joni Borghesani, Allene Lemons, Gene Myers, and I traveled to Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges for another 4-day cat skiing tour. This was Allene’s first tour.

This year’s tour ran from Feb. 2 through Feb. 6, 2007. We arrived in Calgary on Jan. 31st, drove to Golden, BC, and flew via helicopter into Chatter Creek late in the afternoon on Feb. 1; we skied at Kicking Horse Ski Resort that morning. We returned to Golden at the end of the ski day on Feb. 6th and drove to Calgary on Feb. 7th for the flight home.

The skiing at Kicking Horse was the best in our three trips. This year is a big snow year for Canada, and there were piles at Kicking Horse, although no new snow. We skied top-to-bottom runs—4100 vertical feet—most of the day.

We had excellent conditions at Chatter Creek with plenty of snowpack, but little new snow. When we arrived, it hadn’t snowed in 2 weeks, so the first day was mixed, but it was a beautiful day, so we skied mostly in the alpine. It snowed everyday for the rest of the tour, and we moved into the trees and had a ball. These photos were taken on the first day and thus show off the alpine scenery instead of knee-deep powder.

Click on the thumbnails to reach the corresponding pages, which include navigation links to walk through the photos in the order shown below. These photos were taken by Rob Kowal and Rob Plato (Chatter Creek’s resident photographers).