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Chatter Creek 2008

For the fourth time, Joni Borghesani, Maylee Noah, Gene Myers, and I traveled to Chatter Creek Mountain Lodges for another 4-day cat skiing tour. This tour was Maylee’s first.

This year’s tour ran from Feb. 1 through Feb. 5. This year, we arrived in Calgary two days early on Wed. Jan. 30th, and drove to Golden, BC. The next day, we drove to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, which is just under 100 miles west of Golden. Revelstoke has long been a favorite heliskiing venue, and the resort opened just this past Dec. There are only two lifts—a gondola and a high-speed quad—but they span over 4700 vertical feet. The conditions were excellent and it’s a great mountain; lots of steeps and long, long runs at a consistent pitch. We’ll go back.

Friday, we again skied at Kicking Horse Ski Resort until about 2pm, and flew via helicopter into Chatter Creek that afternoon. The skiing at Kicking Horse was very good, but not quite as good as at Revelstoke, perhaps because Revelstoke is further west and thus gets more snow.

The conditions at Chatter Creek were excellent, on par with the epic 2006 tour. We arrived in time for nearly three bluebird days of skiing in the alpine. Most of the photos below were taken on the second day. It snowed on the fourth day, so we moved into the trees, which were also terrific.

Click on the thumbnails to reach the corresponding pages, which include navigation links to walk through the photos in the order shown below. These photos were taken by Maylee Noah and Dylan Page (Chatter Creek’s resident photographer).